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Massage Therapy and Guided Meditation

Massage and Bodywork

"Massage is not an indulgence...I advocate massage as a powerful way to create health." Christiane Northrup, MD


Meditation Massage

Nurturing massage that focuses on supporting a deeper, interpretive relationship with the body via integrative massage therapies, meditation, and energy work, strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection, which leads to a sense of overall calm and well-being and a different perspective on pain and how to manage it.

1 hour - $105; 1-1/4 hours - $130; 1-1/2 hours - $155

Integrative Massage

Synergistic manual therapies and massage to promote healthy muscle tonicity, flexibility, and soft tissue and joint maintenance, and for relief from intermittent and chronic pain. Modalities include sports massage techniques, deep tissue, soft tissue compression, lengthening and shortening of muscles, positional release, myofascial release, focused pressure, and range of motion techniques.

1 hour - $107; 1-1/4 hour $132

Thai Foot and Leg Massage

This Thai foot massage protocol is based on the Thai foot massage taught at the “Old Medicine Hospital” in Thailand. It is based on the Chinese Medicine model for foot reflexology and adapted by Thai teachers to their model. The full protocol works with the feet as they relate to different organs and parts of the body and with the meridians that pass through the lower legs. Our feet are a gateway to the rest of the body, and this protocol provides many health benefits, including deep relaxation and stress relief, pain reduction, rejuvenation of tired feet, and improvement in blood flow. A warm-towel foot wrap is included. Thai foot massage can be a session in itself or included in a partial or full-body massage.

1 hour (feet and lower legs) - $107
Combination massage and Thai foot sessions: 1 hour - $107; 1-1/4 hours $132

 Essential Oil Intensive

Very effective at harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. A synergy of essential oils are applied along the spine with massage oil and then warm moist compresses. Relaxation and integrated massage therapies treat for pain, spasms, strains, and general tension. Different combinations of oils are used to ease muscle tension and pain, destress the mind, and evoke a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

1 hour - $127; 1-1/4 hours - $152










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