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Massage Therapy and Guided Meditation

Intuitive Dialogue-Meditation

Intuitive dialogue-meditation sessions are for people who recognize that no matter what their path is in life, it is a spiritual one. If you are curious about the unfolding of your path, how to harmonize your spiritual longings with mind and body, and live with more sense of peace and trust, Jan's unique intuitive approach will assist you in opening to body-mind-spirit union and wholeness. Intuitive-meditation sessions include guided meditation, intuitive dialog, and intuitive massage (see Massage and Bodywork page). This work is open to all spiritual paths.

1 hour - $100
1-1/4 hours - $125
1-1/2 hours - $150

Guided Meditation: A Journey into Body Consciousness
For this session, we begin by connecting with a topic you would like to explore. Then you lie fully clothed on a massage table and are gently guided into resonance with the rhythm and flow of your breathing, the dynamics of the body and its energies, and the deeper realms of the meditative experience. This is an in-depth connection with the subtle and spacious energy of the body. Intuitive reflection and guided meditation arise throughout this session.

Intuitive Dialogue
This is an interactive, seated session in which topics and issues you would like to learn more about are contemplated. Depending on the length of the session and the depth we reach during the session, we generally work with 2–5 questions. Intuitive insights and unique meditations are shared. You may bring a recording device to record your session.

1/2-hour follow-up sessions by phone are also available for $50.

 Sessions are by appointment only. Please call Jan at 541-778-0505 to schedule.

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